Kobe Auctions His Mask To Help Kids That Ask For Spare Change

Kobe Bryant is one of the most dedicated athletes of our time. He sets a goal, works towards it and doesn’t take no for an answer on the court or (especially) off the court. He also does a lot of community service while wearing finely tailored Italian suits that you won’t find at your local Men’s Warehouse. Now he’s auctioning the mask he wore for 11 games after being assaulted by Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade, who’s famous for his rich man walk and laugh.

Proceeds from the auction will go to the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation’s Youth Homelessness Initiative, which helps kids who ask you for change as you walk out of 7-Eleven. Check out eBay if you’re interested in bidding, though you (and I) probably can’t afford it since the price is already up to $2,550 as of Tuesday night.

NOTE: Here’s what I wrote when posting this on Facebook. It actually turned out better than that bullsh*t above: When he’s not recovering from surgery in a Colorado hotel, Kobe Bryant is a really nice guy. A true gentleman even. Now he’s auctioning his broken nose mask on eBay. Proceeds go to help kids that might rob you one day unless they receive love and attention early on.

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One Response to “Kobe Auctions His Mask To Help Kids That Ask For Spare Change”

    May 2nd, 2012 at 8:09 pm


    HA! i never really watched basketball, so i didnt know what the mask was all about… i found this gallery with 36 players that have masks on, in action. most of them look HILARIOUS

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