Strange Addiction: My Late Night Quest For Urine

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Follow me on this one: An engineering student in San Diego gets caught in a drug bust while getting high at party. DEA agents determine it to be a wrong place, wrong time situation and release him. But! They somehow forget him in the holding cell (could it be the drugs?). So he sits there for five days without food or water. However, he drinks his urine to survive and ends up on the front page of the local paper with a goofy ass look on his face.

That sparked my late night thirst (pun kind of intended) for information on drinking urine. I found that if stuck with no other option one can survive an extra day or two by drinking warm piss. But after several days your urine will be almost completely filled with waste products that can cause kidney failure. Plus, you run the risk of my mom telling you, as she often told me, “Boy you need to drink some water. You got the bathroom smelling like a goddamn racehorse!”

During my crash course in finding information on the liquid R. Kelly would refer to as “lube,” I also came across an episode of “My Strange Addiction: Urine Drinker.” A woman, who appears to be an ex-member of the Manson family, is addicted to drinking her urine, up to 80 ounces a day. In her words, “I drink it like I’m in a beer drinking contest!” and simply “I like warm pee.”

Now that’s entertainment. Even more so if I include a bonus video of survivalist Bear Grylls drinking his urine in the North African desert!

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