Valentine’s Day: Ballin’ On A Budget With My Whooty


I’m on a budget until my kids are about six and seven, at which age they’ll put their own weight by getting gainful employment at the maquiladora right across the border in Tijuana. But hey, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, so I splurged big time and spent $20 on sushi.

My girlfriend and I got all the sashimi pictured below, which tasted like heaven. Plus I also dropped another eight bucks (like a boss) on four sake bombs to loosen our post-childbirth loins. And the bonus: The restaurant was nice enough to give us interracial chocolate covered strawberries for free. Of course I ate the white one and spread that Caucasian frosting all over my big black lips. We ball SO hard…



Dewan Gibson: The Imperfect Blog

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