Reason To Hate America: Loser Gator Gets Prosthetic Tail


I’ve seen so many homeless people in the United States who are missing limbs and all they get is an old wheelchair that doesn’t even have shiny rims. But this damn gator gets a prosthetic tail when he should have just been put to sleep and skinned so black men across the country can have nice shoes for church. From the UK Daily Mail:

An alligator has become the first in the world to be given a prosthetic tail.

The nine-year-old reptile, called Mr Stubbs, was left unable to swim after having his rear end bitten off in a fight. The youngster struggled to keep upright in deep water and he faced a life on land. But he’s been given a new lease of life after being rescued by reptile experts at the Herpetological Society in Phoenix, Arizona.

The team had a new high-tech tail made out of latex and silicon at a cost of thousands of dollars. And they’re now teaching Mr Stubbs how to swim again.


-Dewan Gibson

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