I Declare War On The Incredibly Shaisty Amazon Instant Video


I hate to do this to Amazon. They were the first company to sell my book, years before it was commonly recognized as the great American novel by “associates” of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. But this game they’re running with Amazon Instant Video is mad shady. In short, as detailed in the exchange above, they allow you to watch a ton of free movies and shows until their computer system finds out that you actually want to watch them, at which point they charge you extreme amounts. (To be fair, I consider an extreme amount to watch a movie at home to be anything over $1.62, which is what Redbox charges for Blu-Ray rental.) Even worse, they won’t even acknowledge that they’re trying to rip you off by getting extra money on top of the recently increased to $99 a year subscription fee.

You can’t play a player, man! Do these fools have any idea how many times I’ve gotten over on the much more powerful IRS, at least for a few years until they caught up with me. Anyway, Amazon, as I wrote on your Facebook page, and what is now my mantra going forward in this battle, “God willing, Netflix will destroy your company and roast its innards.” Good riddance.

-Dewan Gibson

New Study: Facebook Updates Can Reveal Psychopaths


My definition of social media psychopaths: Women who post screenshots in an attempt to embarrass men who send perfectly reasonable questions to their inbox like, “What that box hittin’ fo?” From The Locals (Sweden):

The study, carried out by researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg and Lund University in southern Sweden, involved an analysis of Facebook status updates by 300 Americans, combined with personality tests.

“We looked at people’s Facebook status updates and analyzed whether there was a relationship between the texts and people’s personality traits,” Lund University psychology professor Sverker Sikström told The Local.

The researchers first had the Facebook users answer a survey designed to test for a number of personality traits, including extrovert, narcissistic, psychopathic, or neurotic. Test subjects then submitted a selection of Facebook status updates that were analyzed with an algorithm developed by Sikström that measures the significance of words.

The researchers discovered that people’s Facebook status could provide clues about their personalities.

“The status analyses could indicate which Facebook users demonstrated psychopathic and narcissistic personality traits in the personality tests,” Danilo García, a researcher at the Centre for Ethics, Law and Mental Health at Sahlgrenska Academy, said in a statement.

He added that those with a psychopathic personality posted “negatively charged or odd formulations more often”, including entries about prostitutes, decapitation, pornography and butchers.

-Dewan Gibson

Black Planet Wants You Back


I last used Black Planet years ago when I was looking for white women that were opening to dating any ol’ black guy. My time on there was short. It turns out my stereotypes were wrong. White women with Black Planet accounts didn’t want any ol’ black guy, they wanted any ol’ nigga.

Today I got a marketing email from Black Planet describing what’s trending on the now anti-social network among the 10 or so people that still use it. Nothing much stood out, Drake was quoted loosely once or twice and a “thick” woman described how she loves all 245 pounds of herself. And this may have been the case before, but instead of “liking” someone’s status you simply give them props. That’s what’s up. Even better, you can easily get a topic trending because there’s only like 20 people posting per hour. No way in hell can Twitter compete with that.

-Dewan Gibson

Life In Chula Vista: Lowrider Car Shows At The Mall


These are just some of the whips I saw this afternoon at Xavier The X-Man’s Cruise For The Cause Blood & Bone Marrow Drive Car Show at Otay Ranch Mall in Chula Vista. There may have also been a grip scantily clad women there whom I caught my oldest son looking at. I don’t know. Enjoy the pictures.








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Obesity…Sorry, ‘Thickness’ Is Reflected In Facebook Likes


This is groundbreaking research. If you pay attention to her “likes” you won’t get fooled by the much too common above the shoulder pictures. From Huff Post:

A new study from Boston Children’s Hospital researchers shows that the more people in a certain area or region who “like” or share information on healthy activities on Facebook, the lower the likelihood of that area having a high obesity rate. Similarly, the more people in a certain area or region who “like” or share information about TV on Facebook, the higher the likelihood of that area having a higher obesity rate.

“The tight correlation between Facebook users’ interests and obesity data suggest that this kind of social network analysis could help generate real-time estimates of obesity levels in an area, help target public health campaigns that would promote healthy behavior change, and assess the success of those campaigns,” study researcher John Brownstein, Ph.D., of the Boston Children’s Hospital Informatics Program, said in a statement.

The new study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, involved comparing obesity rates around the U.S. with TV- or activity-related interests on Facebook. Researchers found strong correlations between obesity and activity-related or TV-related Facebook “likes.”

For example, researchers found that the highest number of activity-related “likes” were in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and that the obesity rate is 12 percent lower in this area than in Kansas City, Missouri-Kansas, where there was the lowest number of activity-related Facebook “likes.”

-Dewan Gibson