Remind Me To Celebrate Go Topless Day Next Year


Go Topless Day is celebrated the Sunday closest to Women’s Equality Day, August 26, and raises awareness of worldwide titty oppression. This year their hashtag (#GoToplessDay) was co-opted by white folks in Jeeps, which proves we’ll never have true equality.




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Sara B.Jay Explains Benefits Of Following Her On Twitter


Sara Jay’s one of the hardest working women in the instructional video business and Young Jack Thriller is the greatest interviewer in today’s media. By greatest I mean the most likely to beg on camera for sex.

-Dewan Gibson

Seattle Hempfest 2014: Photos Of Stoner Girls






The event was held last week. I didn’t go, but I would have if this was 10 years ago. Anyhow, Instagram made me feel like I was there.





-Dewan Gibson

I Counted At Least 177 Twerk Gyrations In Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anacondo’ Video


Plus there’s a tossed salad reference…bonus points! This is probably the most eagerly anticipated video since Kim K did that instructional film with The Great Willie “Ray J” Norwood Jr.

-Dewan Gibson

Rapper Uses Instructional Video Stars To Promote Album


Rhonda Shear USA Up All Night version below, Skinemax version at the bottom of the page.

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Slim 45-Year-Old J. Lo Reintroduces That Donk


Jennifer Lopez has leaned out over the years and lost a good amount of ass. Blame Puffy. He got her arrested and since then she’s gone out of her way to keep brothas away. Jenny from the block is now gentrified. But albums don’t sell as they used to so she brought that donk out again in the cover art for a new song that unfortunately features Pitbull. Below, that donk in its prime:


-Dewan Gibson

Charlotte McKinney: Up-And-Coming, Potentially Dominant Breast Model


As usual, from Terry Richardson’s Tumblr. She reminds me of Kate Upton, minus the love handles that don’t bother a brotha but are generally frowned upon by her unenlightened target audience.


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Women Won’t Let Missing Leg Stop Her From Twerking


I see potential. I need to start a GoFundMe to raise money for a thick prosthetic leg that will enable her to turn that shaker into a moneymaker.(Byron Crawford)

-Dewan Gibson

Israeli Women Support Their Military By Getting Half-Naked


I like to think of the Israel’s government as that guy who gets into a fight at the club and shoots the whole place up, hitting everyone and everything besides his target–not that these women have a problem with that. (Standing With IDF)



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If Nicki Minaj’s Ass Is Fake Her Doctor Deserves The Nobel Prize For Medicine

Nicki’s new single, Anaconda, comes out Monday. Them cheeks came out on Instagram this morning.

-Dewan Gibson