Topless Students In China Protest For Gender Equality


Their masks scream SARS, but I’m thinking they don’t want to show their faces due to cavemen haters who don’t want women to have equal rights, including the right to bare their breasts in public for all of the internet to see (Shangaiist).


-Dewan Gibson

Prenatal Twerk Team: A Baby Can’t Stop This Show


Twerking can lead to pregnancy (on the dance floor), but pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from twerking. What a beautiful cycle. Go on and twerk through labor.

-Dewan Gibson

Own A Mimi-Style Hang-On-The-D Shower Rod For $10


Twitter erupted this morning with news of a sex tape from Mimi, who I just found out is not Mariah Carey (sorry, I haven’t been black for at least two years) but a star in one of those reality shows where the actors spend the season arguing and eventually fight during the reunion episode. Due to fear of penis envy I don’t watch many instructional videos, but I did see a clip and still frame of Mimi’s work. What I and others were shocked by was her ability to hang from a shower rod while her womb is shifted. Now everybody wants a screw-in shower rod and being the public servant that I am, I took it upon myself to find a great deal on one from Amazon. Enjoy and forward me your work if you’d like to have it reviewed.


-Dewan Gibson

Watch: Naked Whooty Robs McDonald’s For Ice Cream


Of course this happened in Florida where backwoods’ trollops tend to run wild once they join civilization. I couldn’t find any word of an arrest being made, but look for a brotha to find her soon (Daily Mail).

-Dewan Gibson

Twerk Team Mount Kilimanjaro: Donk Shaking From The Motherland


From the continent that brought you math, writing, generational conflict of epic proportions, and of course, twerking. Man, Miley taught them well. Hold up, my bad…

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Stripper Posts Twerk Video, Man Offers ‘Deep’ Ass Eating


You can see the video that led the guy to indirectly offer a deep ass eating here. I’d post it, but the twerk artist who stars in it lives in San Diego, as do I, and I don’t even feel like hearing all that from my 36 weeks pregnant fiance. So when you go to Walmart really late, you’re actually at the strip club?  *whooty accent*

-Dewan Gibson

Instagram Model Perfects Side-View Donk Selfie, Achieves Worldwide Fame


You can’t help but to have an appreciation for a young woman that’s classy enough to only show the world the profile view of her ass (@yoventura).




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Twerk Team Maintains Fast Cheek Action To Slow Song


Full speed ahead, better yet behind.

-Dewan Gibson

Is It Still High Fashion If Kate Moss Is Not Wearing Clothes?


Shot by Terry Richardson, of course. And she’s still looking good, little frail thang, with seemingly little-to-no physical damage from long-term cocaine use.

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Beyonce Revisits Twerking, Does A Pretty Good Job


Obviously we’ve seen Beyonce do this before, long before the twerking community became gentrified, but she put a little extra on it this time. Fast forward to the 1:30 mark.

-Dewan Gibson