Charlotte McKinney: Up-And-Coming, Potentially Dominant Breast Model


As usual, from Terry Richardson’s Tumblr. She reminds me of Kate Upton, minus the love handles that don’t bother a brotha but are generally frowned upon by her unenlightened target audience.


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Women Won’t Let Missing Leg Stop Her From Twerking


I see potential. I need to start a GoFundMe to raise money for a thick prosthetic leg that will enable her to turn that shaker into a moneymaker.(Byron Crawford)

-Dewan Gibson

Israeli Women Support Their Military By Getting Half-Naked


I like to think of the Israel’s government as that guy who gets into a fight at the club and shoots the whole place up, hitting everyone and everything besides his target–not that these women have a problem with that. (Standing With IDF)



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If Nicki Minaj’s Ass Is Fake Her Doctor Deserves The Nobel Prize For Medicine

Nicki’s new single, Anaconda, comes out Monday. Them cheeks came out on Instagram this morning.

-Dewan Gibson

Caramel Kitten: ‘I’m A Twerker’


Well, I knew Caramel Kitten was a twerker from the 100-odd thunder clap videos she’s released, but it’s nice to confirm her talents in a song and video. Hey, Iggy Azalea should remake this remake and sell a couple million singles.

-Dewan Gibson